libera interpretazione dal libro DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND di Eric Carle




This work consists of learning about “the feelings”.

This activity uses a story to for the following reasons:

  • children like stories

  • stories can be integrated into language learning - listening, singing and doing activities related

  • stories often include a lot of repetition that helps to make language memorable

  • stories contain chunks of language that children can remember and use

 We used the pc, the projector and the audio tape because we think it is a very good way to keep the children interested, and give them reason for taking part in the lesson. Also children learning difficulties with are involved because their attention is stimulated by sounds, music, images and animations. Moreover using native language cassettes teaches children the sounds and rhythm of English.


Warm up

Arising curiosity by bringing in the classroom a PC with projector and set them together.



Projecting the multimedia story “The little mouse” by the pc. 




Listening, reading and speaking skills


Interaction: the user is interacting with others

Reading  the text letting children join in when they feel ready.

Inviting children to guess the characters of the story and their feelings. (settler activity)


Wearing the puppets and playing the game in pairs “How are you?  I’m happy.... sad... (stirrer activity)




Follow up

Language development “ how are you? I’m thirsty, hungry (food), in hurry, busy, bored...












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